'Roseanne': David's Return Leads to a Surprise Hookup

Darlene and David got together during the Tuesday's all new episode and fans lost it.

Despite Darlene's (Sara Gilbert) anxiety about David (Johnny Galecki) announcing he'd unexpectedly show up for his daughter's birthday party, the fan-favorite couple shared a sweet moment that left fans begging for a happy ending.

At first, Darlene is not happy about David coming back around, as his work building houses for the homeless abroad has kept him unable to be a presence in his children's lives.

Later, Darlene and David reunite after he climbs into the Conner home through her bedroom window, a classic move from the series' original run.

After David looks around and admires how the house has not changed in twenty years, he announces he's moving back to Lanford and things can be better now.

"I've heard it before, David. You miss me, you want to get back together, then as soon as things get real you run back to Deadbeats Without Borders," Darlene says.

"Not this time," David says — and he means it, telling Darlene that he had just signed a lease in Lanford.

But Darlene's happiness doesn't last too long.

"I realized it's not too late to fix things," David says before dropping another bomb: "I met someone."

He goes on to reveal that his new love interest's name is Blue and that he's "learned so much from her."

David continues telling Darlene he realized how unfair it was to leave her and the children behind, and not giving her a divorce.

Darlene admits she's not exactly ready to get a divorce.

"Why wouldn't you? We both hate me." David says.

Darlene walks toward David and the two share a passionate kiss before they hook up and spend the night together.

"What do I tell Blue?"

"Tell her she's got a stupid name."

Fans were shocked by the fan-favorite couple jumping into bed together, while also hoping for a happy ending.

The morning after Darlene and David contemplate getting back together, and he admits he walked away from his family after his brother died and he became overwhelmed by his responsibilities. Roseanne, however, reminds Darlene that the couple fought constantly, which is the real reason why David walked away.


In the end, Darlene decides to move on and end her marriage, but the pair decides to co-parent their kids and be civil once David returns to Lanford for good.

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.