Oscars 2020: Watch 'The View' Co-Hosts and Tyra Banks Speak out

The co-hosts of The View weighed in on the Oscars on Monday morning, along with guest Tyra Banks. The panel discussed the lack of a host, and how it effected the pacing of the show. All of the women seemed to agree that the show would be better off with a host to tie everything together.

The View had a light panel on Monday morning, but they made up fro it with their robust discussions. Joy Behar led them into the topic of the Oscars 2020, noting that it was "the second year in a row" without a host.

"People came out of nowhere, they just appeared!" Behar joked. "Eminem appeared and wandered onto the stage, Chrissy Metz — all of the sudden you see her there. And Renee Zellweger's acceptance speech was longer than The Irishman! I mean, it went on and on."

Behar poked fun at a few other stars before admitting that she had gotten her hopes up that there would be a host. She said that when Steve Martin and Chris Rock took the stage together, her first thought was that the Academy had "changed their mind" and hired hosts after all.

"I missed having a host as well," Sunny Hostin agreed. "I like the transition of having a host, I like the opening monologue, you know? I think it flows better."

"It went hostless, and it went blackless, and it went Hispanicless," added Ana Navarro, referencing the wide criticisms over lack of diversity at the Oscars. "I think that was a big part of the show yesterday, because a lot of the people that did speak did bring it up."

Navarro also took care to praise Cynthia Erivo, star of Harriet, for her performance at the award show.

"She brought the house down!" she said. "She is a queen in my book."

Banks laughed and joked with the co-hosts, agreeing with many of their points. She noted that it is harder than ever to come to the Oscars prepared, as the list of nominees has gotten so long in recent years.

"You know, I saw seven of the ten nominated best movies," she said, "and I was, like, panicked! I was like 'I've got to see them all!' But back in the day it was easy because there were five, and you checked those off the box... But I was obsessed with so many movies."


Banks said that she had not gotten around to seeing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Ford v Ferrari or Little Women before the show. However, she said that she planned on catching up on all of them even though the trophies have already been doled out.

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