'Mayans M.C.' Season 3, Episode 5 Preview Sets up 'Suicide Mission'

The third season of Mayans M.C. continues on Tuesday night and follows the MC as it tries to [...]

The third season of Mayans M.C. continues on Tuesday night and follows the MC as it tries to recover 250 kilograms of heroin south of the border. Prior to the episode, which will be available on Hulu after it airs, FX released a new trailer. The short clip featured several violent moments and teased a "suicide mission."

FX Network posted a teaser trailer for Tuesday's episode, which will feature a daring plan to recover the heroin and get it across the border. Bishop (Michael Irby) explains in the clip that the "window is closing fast" and that the club needs to get it done. "This was my idea. I'm not going to get caught," Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes (JD Pardo) says, seemingly in response to Bishop.

The clip doesn't provide too much information about EZ's plan, but it does reveal that there will be a different type of vehicle involved. There is a quick glimpse of him strapping into a full harness while someone screams, "Go! Go!" The vehicle's interior appears to have an off-road roll cage installed. Another moment in the trailer reveals that the vehicle is a flat-black Toyota pickup with roof-mounted lights.

Recovering the heroin is critical for the club after Reyes proposed a daring plan. He recommended using Tuscon as the conduit to sell the drugs, effectively boxing out the other charter presidents, Canche and Ramos. This proposal would make Bishop the only king in the Mayans.

The plan ran into issues as the club began loading the heroin into a truck. Several border patrol officers raced toward the club, forcing them to take the entire load back into the tunnel and run off into the brush. The drugs remained south of the border while the club tried to determine who had betrayed them and told the authorities about the plan. Now EZ will try to complete the plan during the upcoming episode.

New episodes of Mayans M.C. air every Tuesday on FX. They become available the following day on Hulu. The first four episodes are currently available, along with previous seasons so fans can catch up on the intense storylines.

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