'Mayans M.C.' Kills off Devante in Episode 9

Mayans M.C. killed off one of the Galindo cartel's most influential voices ahead of the first [...]

Mayans M.C. killed off one of the Galindo cartel's most influential voices ahead of the first season finale.

The episode, titled "Serpiente/Chickchan" dealt with issues of loyalty, as Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) tells Angel (Clayton Cardenas) about EZ's (JD Pardo) deal with the DEA, and an ultimatum that could see EZ leave behind his life of crime.

Meanwhile, Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) has his own problems with Lincoln Potter problems, as his house is slowly getting back to normal after it was raided.

Devante (Tony Plana) asks Miguel how the cartel will proceed after he agreed to work with the feds behind-the-scenes to protect himself and his family.

"This U.S. Attorney, and DOJ... to help with the rebels they'll need access to our operation. Once they're inside. We're done," Miguel says. "They'll know how to cut off revenue sources, supplies... We'll be force to bend to every demand they make."

"But so much of our revenue is legitimate," Devante says.

"I want to create a shadow structure, a layer on top of our business, some of it real. Most of it smoke and paper," Miguel says.

"We'll give them access to just enough so they feel like they're in control," Emily (Sarah Bolger) adds.

Devante is hesitant the plan, when Miguel clarifies he will be working behind the scenes with Los Olvidados. Devante says that it can be dangerous to mess with the U.S. Government. Miguel is convinced that they can stay one step ahead by working with Adelita (Carla Baratta).

"No, that's how we destroy ourselves," Devante insists. "You hate the feds? So do I. They f-ed up this family. But now you're making a decision clouded by that hate, it's a mistake Miguel."

Devante swears he can protect Miguel if he reconsiders, making sure he knows his family and his legacy are at stake. Miguel starts to second guess the move, but Emily tells him that in the end he is the only one who can decide what to do.

Later, Devante comes to Miguel as he gets news that Adelita is on her way to talk to the Diocese. Miguel says that he now has a clear head, and Devante goes on about how he can fix the Galindo's business relationships if they just claim the federal arrest led to nothing.

Adelita meets with the Diocese and he tells her that he's sorry her heart has been poisoned by her hatred. They are then interrupted by Galindo's men and they take her.

Bishop (Michael Irby), Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) and the Mayans later meet with the Galindos and Devante at a casino. Miguel orders Devante to sit in front of him, rather than on his side.

Miguel tells his partners that the federal government forced him to sign a deal similar to his father's. Upon the admission, Miguel brings Adelita in and reveals the pair are now working together.

Their new partnership will secure that both organizations will flourish, with the Mayans serving as the trustees making sure all parties will stay loyal. After the meeting is done, Miguel asks Alvarez to stay behind so he can ask him about a "family matter."

Later, Miguel sends Emily and Alvarez away in a separate car and he and Devante discuss what happened at the casino. Miguel says he can't trust Devante anymore after discovering that he had lied to him about his brother's death.

The car pulls over in an abandoned house and Miguel says he has to discuss some thing with Alvarez. When they get out of the car, Miguel reveals that Devante was responsible for killing Adelita's family. Upon the reveal, Adelita enacts her revenge for her family's memory and she kills him with a machete off-screen. The episode ends as the Diocese who betrayed Adelita is killed, and Devante's severed head is seen as Adelita walks away.

The Mayans M.C. season finale airs Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 10 p.m. on FX.

Photo Credit: FX / Prashant Gupta