'Mayans M.C.' Cast to Compete on Fan-Favorite Game Show Together

The cast of Mayans M.C. is about to provide entertainment for fans in a decidedly less violent [...]

The cast of Mayans M.C. is about to provide entertainment for fans in a decidedly less violent way. Several actors will compete on Celebrity Family Feud in the near future. They will face off with another group of high-profile figures while Steve Harvey provides the jokes.

Michael Irby (Bishop) posted a photo that showed him and key members of the show posing before their appearance. Clayton Cardenas (Angel), JD Pardo (EZ), Emilio Rivera (Marcus Alvarez), and Richard Cabral (Coco) were his companions. "Getting ready to take the stage with these madmen," Irby wrote in the caption of his post. Several people responded with excited comments, including Vincent Vargas (Gilly), who compared the group to the "Backstreet Boys."

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The revelation appeared to catch some members of the Mayans M.C. cast by surprise. Sarah Bolger (Emily) said "Whoa!!!" while Raoul Max Trujillo commented "Omg." Danny Pino (Miguel Galindo), however, offered his support. He told his "brothers" to go get them.

Surprisingly, none of the other cast members made comments about Cardenas' new look. He showed up to the Celebrity Family Feud set with bright red hair, a massive departure from his on-screen look. Cardenas had teased the look on his own Instagram profile, prompting a joke from Pardo about being a big fan of "Carrot Top."

The photo was not the only post that Irby made on Instagram. He showed him and the other cast members on the Celebrity Family Feud set at various points of the filming. However, he did not provide any information about who the Mayans cast would take on in the quiz show. That answer will remain a mystery until the new episodes of Celebrity Family Feud air, starting on June 6.

Until the cast members show off their trivia skills, they will continue to provide entertainment for the fans on Tuesday nights. There are five episodes remaining in a season full of intense moments and surprising deaths. A Sons of Anarchy cast member is the biggest name in the group, but he was far from the only person that lost his life in a violent manner.

New episodes of Mayans M.C. air every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET. They become available the next day on Hulu. The first five episodes are currently available on the streaming service, along with the first two seasons of the FX Network show.

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