'Mayans M.C.': Michael Irby Shouts out the Show's Unsung Heroes

Mayans M.C. is currently in the midst of its third season, which fans can catch up on with a Hulu [...]

Mayans M.C. is currently in the midst of its third season, which fans can catch up on with a Hulu trial. Fans are expressing excitement about the drama unfolding, but Michael Irby — the man who portrays Bishop — is taking a different approach. He is celebrating the unsung heroes of the show while specifically highlighting the camera crew.

Irby posted a photo on Instagram that showed three crew members as they worked to get a shot. They had a variety of equipment, some of which appeared to be cumbersome. "Little [Sunday gratitude] Our camera department really does all the heavy lifting," Irby wrote. "The entire crew worked hard and came together to bring you season 3. They are the reason the [Mayans MC] looks the way it does. Feels the way it does. Well done. Thank you! [Mayans FX] [El Presidente]."

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The cinematography is a significant reason why viewers love Mayans M.C. The show features sweeping landscape shots that detail exactly how desolate some of the locations truly are. There are also impressive drone shots that show the club riding in formation through the countryside or down city streets.

Capturing these shots is not a simple task considering the number of cast and crew members on hand. Successfully filming episodes takes a unified effort from everyone involved, a fact made clear by permit requests. For example, the show traveled to the Santa Clarita community of Newhall in 2019 for a series of important shots.

Production took over portions of the town for some overnight shots of the MC. The permits revealed that there would be nine motorcycles, as well as approximately background actors. The scene did not feature any explosions or gunshots. Instead, they highlighted the cast riding down the street.

Locations used during production included Main Street, 8th Street, Newhall Avenue, Lyons Avenue, Market Avenue, and Railroad Avenue. There was also a drone providing overhead shots of the motorcycle gang. The show also returned to Newhall in mid-March for an explosive scene featuring a fireball that "blows out the windows of a structure."

New episodes of Mayans M.C. air every Tuesday on FX. They become available the following day on Hulu. The first three episodes are currently available, along with previous seasons for fans needing to catch up on important storylines.

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