Steve Harvey Left 'Stunned' After 'Family Feud' Contestant Walks off Stage

A contestant on Family Feud gave a rather cringe-worthy answer that left host Steve Harvey [...]

A contestant on Family Feud gave a rather cringe-worthy answer that left host Steve Harvey temporarily speechless, while someone else walked off stage. Harvey hears rather interesting answers each day on the popular daytime show, but few leave him without words to respond. On a recent episode, the question was: "Name a reason a woman might not want her husband on her team for Family Feud." While responses like, "gives bad answers" to "too slow on buzzer" were correct, one woman's answer silenced the room and caused one of her family members to walk away.

The game started strong, but after two Xs popped up on the screen following answers like "He likes the spotlight too much" and "Sleeps too much," things took an awkward turn when a woman named Cynthia chimed in with, "She's embarrassed by the way he looks."

That answer left Harvey shocked and her husband, Michael walked away. Harvey stood stunned until Michael worked his way back to his mic and everyone seemed to have a good laugh. However, it appeared as though her risky answer didn't make the board.

Viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts with one writing, "I don't blame Michael, I'd be walking away too," while another echoed, "I would have done the same thing." Someone else joked, "How to start a family feud..."

While this may have been an awkward moment for viewers, Harvey is one of the best at moving forward after those cringe-worthy moments. After the Miss Universe debacle where he announced the wrong winner then had to quickly retract, he also recently got into a back-and-forth conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson on religion vs. science.

The two engaged in a conversation while Harvey explains that even though he was raised religious, he believes in science. But then he went on to argue that science hasn't been able to solve some of life's biggest unanswered questions, like where the universe came from in the first place.

Tyson then quipped back that it's just a matter of time before science is able to do so. He then counters to Harvey, pointing out that no one has been able to answer the question of where God came from either.

While the two moved forward agreeing to disagree in a respectful and entertaining way, it's safe to say that Harvey has been put in the hot seat when it comes to hosting and it makes it extremely entertaining for his fans to watch!