'Law & Order: Organized Crime' Casts Key Role Related to Christopher Meloni's Stabler

Michael Trotter has been tapped as Elliot Stabler's younger brother, Joe Jr.

Another member of the Stabler family is coming soon to Law & Order: Organized Crime. It was previously announced that the NBC drama will be bringing on two characters that will be the brothers of Christopher Meloni's Elliot Stabler, older brother Randall and younger brother Joe Jr. Breaking Bad alum Dean Norris will be portraying Randall, and now we finally know who is playing Joe Jr.

TVLine reports that The Right Stuff star Michael Trotter will be playing Elliot's baby brother. He was in the Army for over a decade and was dishonorably discharged, though the reason is unknown. He works for a British wine merchant, but he's ashamed to come face-to-face with older brother Elliot, whom he admires, due to his work. As of now, it's unclear what episode or episodes Trotter will be appearing in, but it wouldn't be surprising if he appeared alongside both Meloni and Norris to reunite three of the Stabler brothers and likely bring some complications along with it.

Trotter is most known for Disney+'s short-lived The Right Stuff in 2020. He's also appeared on The Resident, Marvel's Inhumans, Underground, and The Evening Hour. Organized Crime actually won't be his first time appearing in Law & Order franchise, as he was on an episode of SVU Season 24 in 2023. It was a different role, and it certainly wouldn't be the first time an actor has played different characters in the franchise. But it should be interesting to see what he will bring to the table as Joe Stabler Jr. and seeing his dynamic with Elliot.

As for Randall Stabler, Norris' character had left the family when he ws young and is now a real estate developer. While Joe Jr. admires Elliot, Randall and Elliot have some long-standing tension caused by an event that involved their father years ago. Their arrivals will more than likely bring some complications and hopefully more backstories for the detective. It will be intense, but since it is the Stabler family, I wouldn't expect anything less.

Since there will only be 13 episodes for Organized Crime Season 4, it's hard to tell when Randall and Joe Jr. will be showing up. With the Law & Order franchise finally returning, more details on their episodes should be coming in the following weeks. For now, fans will just be able to look forward to the long-awaited fourth season of Law & Order: Organized Crime airing on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET as part of NBC's spring 2024 schedule