Kevin Costner Reportedly Furious at Actress Friend for Working With 'Yellowstone' Creator

The 'Yellowstone' star seems to be burning bridges left and right.

Kevin Costner has drawn a red line with his departure from the world of Yellowstone and Taylor Sheridan, something his friends might find out the hard way. The franchise's creator is still on his hot streak with Paramount, including two successful Yellowstone spin-offs, Tulsa King, Mayor of Kingstown, Lioness, and the upcoming Paramount+ series, Landman. He's even connected to a potential third entry in the Sicario franchise.

According to InTouch, Costner comes in on the heels of the trailer for his epic Horizon, releasing this summer, and his dramatic exit from Yellowstone. The Oscar-winning star has been unhappy with the show since season 2, confirmed by Sheridan amid Costner's exit from the series halfway through season 5.

The second half of season 5 is yet to come, with or without Costner's participation. While there is talk of a new spin-off/sequel series starring Matthew McConaughey, Costner reportedly has an issue with Demi Moore and her future role in Landman.

"[Costner] told Demi that Taylor will court you but once he has you under his control, it's game over. You're just another actor who can be replaced," a source alleged to InTouch. "Demi respects Kevin's opinion...But she doesn't get big film offers any longer.

"Demi figures if she's going to be doing TV, she might as well be working with the hottest producer around!" the source added.