Sylvester Stallone's Family Juggles Major Changes in 'The Family Stallone' Season 2 (Exclusive)

'The Family Stallone' returns to Paramount+ on Wednesday, February 21.

Sylvester Stallone and his family are going through big changes in Season 2 of The Family Stallone. Ahead of Wednesday's premiere of the Paramount+ reality series following the action star and his family, his daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet Stallone opened up to about the "chaos" to come this season. 

"I feel like especially this season, we really let it all go," Sophia shared. "I think last season – it's the guinea pig. First season you have cameras around, you don't really know what to expect, and I think this season we've really just decided to give it our all. We really bring the chaos, we really bring the humor, and it has a lot of heart."

Sophia and Sistine gear up to follow their hearts to New York City this season, where the newly single sisters embark on their next chapter together. "We ended things with the people we were dating right when we moved here," Sophia revealed. "Not intentionally – it just so happened." 

Meanwhile, sister Scarlet is not-so-single while attending college in Miami, having found "love at first sight" with boyfriend Louis, who she thought was simply "gorgeous" when she first saw him on campus. Scarlet says it would have been a deal-breaker for her if Louis didn't get along with her family, but luckily he was quickly accepted into the Stallone household, even being welcomed in by her protective father. "Louis is a very good talker, and they have a lot in common actually," she told PopCulture. "So they get along really well, and I was quite surprised."

The Rambo star and his wife Jennifer are also embracing a season of change, leaving Los Angeles behind for good as they adjust to their life as "empty nesters" and pack up for a new life in Palm Beach this season. "For my parents, I agree with them – they needed a change," Sophia told PopCulture of the move. Sistine agreed that because her parents are "extremely involved" in the lives of their daughters, having them away from home "was not easy in the slightest."

"I think making that transition and then also moving to Florida was, I think, easier for them because they're going out more, they're going dancing, and it's almost like a new relationship all over again for them," she gushed. "They've been married for a thousand freaking years, and my mom's like, 'I feel giddy. We get ready for date night again' and it's really nice to see that as kids – your parents fall in love all over again."

The Family Stallone Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, Feb. 21 on Paramount+.