Why Matthew McConaughey Still Hasn't Signed on for 'Yellowstone' Spinoff Yet

McConaughey will not sign on for the 'Yellowstone' spinoff until he reads a script.

Yellowstone fans have been eager to know more about the rumored spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey, but there is one little detail that could derail series plans. It turns out, the actor still hasn't actually signed on for the show yet. According to Puck's Matt Belloni, McConaughey has yet to read a script, and he won't sign on for the show until he does.

"Matthew McConaughey is still the top choice to star, but reports of his commitment to the project are overstated," per Belloni. "He won't sign on until he sees a script, which hasn't happened yet, per his agent." Notably, Belloni goes on to reveal that an iconic Oscar-nominated actress is also in talks to join the currently untitled series. "Producers are much closer on Michelle Pfeiffer," he shared, "who is in negotiations for the female lead and should either close a deal or walk away in the next week or two."

It was previously announced that Yellowstone Season 5 would be the show's final outing, following the news that series star Kevin Coster had quit. However, it was reported that Costner "begged" to return to the show. 

According to Puck, after Costner walked away, his reps reached out to the network and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan to find out if there was any way he could return. The outlet reported that Costner's reps were "basically begging" for the actor to be allowed to come back to Yellowstone, but it ultimately did not work out. It was later announced that McConaughey had been approached to star in a Yellowstone spinoff.