Katey Sagal Settles Rumors She'll Have to Quit 'The Conners' for 'Rebel' Once and for All

Katey Sagal is shutting down those rumors that she won't be returning to The Conners due to her [...]

Katey Sagal is shutting down those rumors that she won't be returning to The Conners due to her Rebel obligations. "I've actually been doing The Conners while I've been doing Rebel and it's in my contract because I'm hoping to continue doing The Conners. I love that over there. You know, I can't do the whole season, but I can do what I did last season, which was I think 10 episodes," she tells AP Entertainment. "

Yes, that's in my contract that I can stay there, if they want me. Actually, the last episode I did, kind of extends my stay. So, I'm hoping that I get to stay. In a perfect world, both shows continue and I'm super, super busy," she added.

Rumors were sparked after the announcement came that Sagal would be leading another drama on the same network. The series, created by Grey's Anatomy chief Krista Vernoff, follows a law clerk named Annie "Rebel" Flynn Ray Bello (Sagal). Based on the real-life Erin Brockovich, Rebel's work proves her dedication to the pursuit of justice. The Conners showrunner Bruce Helford also sent some mixed signals, teasing that there could be some relationship problems for one of the show's beloved couples. "There are some major events coming for Dan and Louise, as we come to the end of the season," he told TV Line. He didn't give too many details as to when or why the couple's relationship will look different, he did share that all the couples on the show will go through a major event. "I can say that there are lots of couples on the show [where] love is in bloom… or in decline of bloom," the executive producer revealed. "But there will be events in all the relationships as we move towards the [finale]."

It was clear that Sagal was loved on the show, Helford said previously that she would "definitely be doing more Conners" for Season 3. "We don't know what her complete availability will be. And now, of course, her pilot was never shot. It will probably take longer to get on its feet than we will. God willing, we'll be back shooting in August shooting," he said.