Is 'The Masked Singer' Still Airing Wednesday Night Amid Election Coverage?

Since election coverage has continued following Tuesday's election day, you might be wondering whether some of your favorite television programs are still on the air on Wednesday night. Well, for fans of The Masked Singer, you're in luck. As TVLine reported, Fox will air The Masked Singer as scheduled. Currently, the only scheduling change for primetime will be on NBC, as the network will pre-empt the Season 12 finale of American Ninja Warrior in lieu of additional election coverage.

The Masked Singer viewers will be treated to another round of performances from Group C, which includes Broccoli, Jellyfish, Mushroom, and Squiggly Monster. One of those four masked individuals will have their identity revealed on Wednesday's episode. Group C also performed in the most recent episode of the Fox series, which aired on Oct. 28. Despite singing an instantly-iconic rendition of Odyssey's "Native New Yorker," Lips got the boot. They were later unmasked and revealed to have been talk show host Wendy Williams. In truth, her reveal didn't come as too much of a surprise to viewers, the judging panel, or host Nick Cannon, as many could instantly discern Williams' voice as she riffed during the performance.

Following her time on The Masked Singer, Williams said that she had a ton of fun and that she was hopeful that her performance brought a dose of levity to the program. "It was a typical me performance," she told Entertainment Weekly. "You know, I'm not a singer, or a dancer. I'm just Wendy. And I think people will have a good smile and laughter when they see it." Williams went on to say that she immediately took to the Lips costume, even though the production showed her a few choices for her masked singing attire.

"It was the most beautiful thing. They sent me a few choices, and immediately I said, "Nope, I want to be the Lips," Williams shared. "I have very long legs, and I have really long arms, and I talked for a living all my career, that's what I do. So, when you're supposed to give hints, I don't know how many hints I could give without giving it all away. If I say I'm from Jersey — oh, that's Wendy. If I say well, when I'm not here in L.A., I'm back in New York talking on my set — oh, that's Wendy."