Ginger Zee Reacts to 'GMA' Fans Criticizing Her Hairstyle

Ginger Zee is rocking a new hairstyle, but not everyone is a fan. After debuting a fresh hairstyle that includes bangs and highlights upon her return to Good Morning America earlier this month, the GMA meteorologist took to Instagram to hit back at the haters, sharing screenshots of some of the comments she has received while quipping, "Opinions are like..."

In the first image, the commenter had nothing but love for Zee's new 'do, excitedly writing, "LOVE THE BANGS," followed by a second message that read, "Your hair looks awesome." However, the comments got a bit more critical as the slideshow continued. In the second image, the commenter shared that while they loved Zee's hairstyle, they thought that she "should put more blonde highlights" in it. The third image was the most critical, with the GMA viewer candidly writing, "Not liking Ginger's new haircut at all" alongside a frowning emoji. Zee was quick to reply, pointing out, "when you write to this account you are telling me, Ginger. A human who is just having some fun. But thanks for your opinion!"

The conversations surrounding Zee's hair began on Friday, Jan. 27 after Zee debuted the new look, which she dubbed "flu bangs" following her brief absence from GMA amid illness, on Instagram. Zee followed the video up just a day later when she debuted the look on-air during a GMA segment in which she pledged to recycle fashion for the benefit of the environment. After Zee shared the segment to her Instagram account, the comments section flooded with responses to her new style, and not all of them were positive. Replying to the post, one viewer wrote, "1950 called and they want their haircut back," with somebody else adding, "What happen to her hair?" Somebody else commented, "what did you do to your hair???? Looks like an off the shelf box dye job."

Amid the criticism of her look, many fans were quick to jump to Zee's defense. Replying to one of the haters, somebody asked, "Why are you so bitter and mean?!" Many fans were quick to express their love of the new look, "Love your bangs they look great on you," wither another commenting, "These look so cute on you, love it." Meanwhile, Zee's GMA co-star Robin Roberts added, "you make everything look good!"

As for why Zee got the bangs? In her post debuting the new look, the beloved meteorologist explained, "Life is short, cut bangs," adding that she "may or may not have watched all 3 seasons of [Emily in Paris] when I was sick & had a little [Lily Collins] inspiration."