Get a First Look at 'Grey's Anatomy' Firehouse Spinoff

While there's no Grey's Anatomy on tonight, there's still news to get fans excited.

ABC has offered a first look at the firehouse spinoff, which starts when Ben Warren (Jason George) leaving Grey-Sloan to become a firefighter.

firehouse grey's
(Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC)

Entertainment Weekly initially shared the first photos from the show, which follows team of firefighters on their 24-hour shifts. Although the producers joked about calling it Blaze Anatomy, there's still no title yet.

Showrunner Stacy McKee, an executive producer on Grey's, told that the new show is different from the long-running medical drama because the heroes are also putting their own lives at risk.

"The very nature of their jobs will put these characters out into the streets, on location, immersed in their patients' lives in a way that's a lot more visceral and a little bit more messy," McKee explained to the magazine. "It isn't the perfectly draped body in an [Operating Room]. They're responding to a patient on-sight, the scene of an accident, their homes, it's just a different energy. There's no safety net there."

But there are some similarities.

"As much as we're out and enjoying all of the action, there's just so much heart and humor, and sexy time — all of that, plus this great shot of adrenaline," McKee told EW.

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(Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC)

As for future crossovers between Grey's and the firehouse show, McKee couldn't say. However, the two writers' rooms have been in contact. Moreover, unlike Private Practice, which was set in Los Angeles, this spin-off is set in Seattle.

In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, George said the show will feel thematically similar to Grey's.

"This is what I'm digging about the concept is, it is in the Grey's universe, so there's going to be a lot of elements that fans will completely recognize and love, not the least of which is, there's always going to be humor and feels," the actor said. "You're going to feel some kind of way, clutch the pearls, get misty, drop a few tears every once and a while. That will feel very familiar."


The Grey's firehouse spin-off will start with a planted-pilot episode in the main series. The show itself will kick off in the spring.

Photo credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin