'FBI' Reruns Are Still Bringing in Big TV Ratings

'FBI' reruns pulled in 3.4 million viewers during the week of July 24, according to Nielsen.

FBI may be on hiatus, but the series is still doing well in reruns. According to the latest Nielsen TV ratings, the CBS procedural brought in 3.4 million viewers for the week of July 24 and a 2.1 rating. It was ranked No. 5 overall for that week. It should also be pointed out that the series was just one of two on the Top 10 that aired reruns that week. Fans of the drama are definitely missing the series, and the reruns seem to be helping.

Reruns of FBI have been airing all summer, and it's been keeping fans occupied while the series is on hiatus. Luckily, the series will continue to air on CBS this fall in the form of reruns. Due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Season 6 of the series has been delayed to 2024, along with most of the original scripted lineup. OA, Maggie, and the rest of the team will still be on TV on Tuesdays, it just won't be new cases. However, FBI will be following FBI: True, Paramount+'s docuseries, which showcases the real FBI.

The milestone Season 5 finale in May took fans on quite an emotional roller coaster. Nina, who had gotten shot in the FBI franchise crossover, went into labor, and it was a complicated delivery. It was a waiting game for her and Scola, and everyone was praying and hoping that Baby Scola would be okay. Luckily, when all seemed lost, he came out kicking, and he was fine. With the team waiting around for any news, Scola brought them over to meet the newborn. It was completely love at first sight. Although it's going to be a while until we are reunited with everyone, it is going to be exciting to see Scola and Nina navigate this new chapter in their lives. The wait will be worth it.

Even though FBI won't be coming back for a while, fans can still clearly look forward to reruns. It seems they can never get enough of the action and the cases, which are both intense and emotional. Hopefully, it won't be long until Season 6 returns, but CBS is keeping people occupied in the meantime. All five seasons of the series are also streaming on Paramount+ if you don't want to watch it weekly. Plus, it can be easily binge-watched that way, but it's nice knowing there are a couple of options to watch it.