'Dexter: New Blood': Will There Be a Season 2?

Dexter: New Blood finished its acclaimed run on Showtime Sunday, helping fans forget about the controversial original Dexter finale. Showrunner Clyde Phillips now has the task of figuring out where the story of Dexter Morgan can go next, and if he even wants to keep it going. In several post-finale interviews, Phillips hinted at possible avenues for more Dexter. Spoilers ahead for Dexter: New Blood's season finale, "Sins of the Father." (To watch the show for yourself, you can get a free trial to Showtime here.)

Since New Blood has already been a hit for Showtime, Phillips would not be surprised if the network asked him to keep the franchise going, even after Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was killed. The door is open for Dexter's son Harrison Morgan (Jack Alcott) to lead a series, and Phillips is interested in opening that door. If Showtime wants more, Phillips is ready to answer the call. "If they ask me if I'd like to make a continuation of this, I would say yes," he told Deadline. "I have a lot of things going on but I would drop everything for this and say yes in one second."

Since Dexter is now dead, the continuation would focus on Harrison, whom Phillips describes as "such a complicated character" who has the seeds of the dark passenger within him already. "He's capable. Look at that takedown of Dexter in the end, what's in Harrison is that he has to kill this man," Phillips explained.

Harrison also has a "different perspective" of vigilantism than Dexter, the writer noted. "He brings this youthful, optimistic innocence, that he and his dad are basically Batman and Robin," Phillips said. "Think of every time we take out one of these bad guys how many lives we're saving, that this bad person is not going to kill. Dexter never thought of that. Dexter was only taking out bad guys because that was his code."

Phillips also told Collider he would "drop everything" to make a spinoff featuring Harrison. "I think, and I underline the word think, I think Dexter is their number one asset," he said. "If they were to call me and say, 'We want to do Harrison. Are you interested?' Much like when they called me to say, "We want to reboot Dexter, and you're the guy," I would drop everything to do it."


Even if there is no continuation for Dexter: New Blood, it sounds like Phillips is more than happy that he had a chance to redeem the franchise after the widely panned Season 8 finale from Dexter's original run. In his Hollywood Reporter post-show interview, Phillips agreed that the original finale "left a bad taste" in the audience's mouth and "tarnished the legacy" of the original Dexter. "The legacy is the audience," he told THR. "I want the audience to say, 'I was entertained; I learned something; I was stimulated; I was surprised; I was frightened and I'm satisfied.'"

Dexter's entire original run and all of Dexter: New Blood are available to stream on Showtime's website and the Showtime app. The Dexter: New Blood series finale also airs on Showtime on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.