'Dexter: New Blood' Finale Reveals Dexter Morgan's Fate

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Dexter: New Blood has come to a close, and the fate of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) at the end of its 10-episode run has been revealed. While the season finale, titled "Sins of the Father," won't air on Showtime's TV outlet until Sunday night, it is now available to stream with Showtime's website and apps. Since it became available at midnight ET for online watchers, people have been buzzing about how the show, a continuation to the original Dexter (that is also based on Jeff Lindsay's Dexter novels), ended things with its protagonist. Spoilers ahead of Dexter: New Blood's season finale, "Sins of the Father." (To watch the show for yourself, you can get a free trial to Showtime here.)

While much of Dexter: New Blood has centered around a new serial killer for Dexter to track, the show's other two main plotlines — Dexter covering up his first kill in years and also bonding with his son Harrison — came to a head. In the end, Dexter didn't make it out alive. That's right; more than 15 years after Hall's on-screen version of the character debuted on Showtime, Dexter is dead.

It comes after Dexter's crimes catch up to him. His girlfriend, Iron Lake Police Chief Angela Bishop (Julia Jones), has gradually figured out his crimes with a mix of intuition, investigation and a coincidental run-in with someone connected to Dexter's past in Miami as a blood splatter analyst and the Bay Harbor Butcher. After Angela locks him up in the New York town's holding cell, Dexter escapes, killing innocent police sergeant Logan (Alano Miller) in the process.

Dexter then uses Logan's phone to arrange a rendevous with his son, Harrison (Jack Alcott), intending to go on the run as a duo. However, Harrison sees blood on Dexter's face and deduces his dad has killed Logan. This infuriates the teenager, being as Logan was his high school wrestling coach and continuously showed him kindness throughout the season. He calls out his father for violating his code and realizes that the "don't get caught" part of the code is more important than justice. Harrison also vents his frustration about how Dexter's actions led to him having his own internal anger, similar but different to Dexter's "dark passenger."

Dexter desperately tries to deescalate the situation, even vowing to stop killing people. However, Harrison tells Dexter the only way forward for them as father-and-son is if Dexter turns himself in — even if that means Dexter gets the death penalty for his crimes as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter then chooses to abandon his son again and go on the run. However, Harrison only lets him get a few steps away before picking up his rifle and cocking it. 

Harrison then asks Dexter if his mom Rita Bennett (Julie Benz) and aunt Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) would be alive if it wasn't for Dexter. Dexter then sees the faces of the innocents who've died because of him, including Logan, Rita, Deb, María LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez), James Doakes (Erik King), Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine) and his adopted father, Harry Morgan (James Remar). The serial killer then says that Harrison deserves a better life before instructing him to turn the safety off on the gun, implying he wants Harrison to kill him.

"This is the only way out," Dexter says. Harrison then adds, "for both of us." Dexter then points to his heart as Harrison aims the rifle. In his inner monologue, Dexter says, "I've never really felt love, real love, until now." Harrison then shoots his father in the chest, fatally wounding our protagonist.

Dexter's final words, directed to Harrison, are "You did good." He then sees a vision of Deb holding his hand. She lets go, and Dexter dies. Angela then arrives at the scene, telling Harrison to leave town as she covers up the killing for him.

For those curious as to if this was a fake-out, New Blood showrunner Clyde Phillips, who also led Seasons 1-4 of Dexter, confirms it is not. In an interview with Deadline, he confirms Dexter died. "I have three words for you: Dexter is dead," Phillips said. "I wouldn't do that to the audience. It would be dishonest. Here, there is no question that this is the finale of Dexter. Dexter is dead."

All episodes of Dexter, including its original run and Dexter: New Blood are streaming now via Showtime's website and apps. If you want to watch the Dexter: New Blood season finale on TV, it airs on Showtime's TV channel at 9 p.m. ET.