Damon Wayans' Exit Has 'Lethal Weapon' Fans in an Uproar

Lethal Weapon fans are losing it over Damon Wayans' departure from the series, taking to social [...]

Lethal Weapon fans are losing it over Damon Wayans' departure from the series, taking to social media to voice their opinions.

Wayans announced his departure on Wednesday morning during an interview on Electronic Urban Reporting. He confirmed that he will be in the first 13 episodes of the upcoming season, but after that, he is out. To hear Wayans tell it, the job is simply too exhausting for him, especially as he deals with his personal health problems.

"I'm a 58-year-old diabetic and I'm working 16 hour days," he said dryly. "Murtaugh say, I'm too old for this."

Still, the move felt shocking and suspicious to fans after Clayne Crawford was let go from his role as Riggs earlier this year. Before long, social media filled with conspiracies.

"We all saw this coming," one person wrote. "[Lethal Weapon] was going to die without Clayne Crawford. I said I was never watching it again without him. And I don't. CC made it work."

"What a complete jack ass," wrote another. "First he ruins the show by getting @ClayneCrawford fired now he bails on it because he knows it probably won't work!!"

At the same time, many fans seemed to have the opposite interpretation, figuring that Wayans sensed the show would never get back to where it was without Crawford.

"Clayne got himself fired for his behavior," one person argued. "He said so himself. Damon at least got us one more season, they wouldn't have carried on without both characters."

"I enjoyed the show without Crawford but for them to go through the effort to save it, and he makes this decision is irresponsible," wrote another. "Disappointed."

As many fans noted, Crawford's departure was a sore subject, leaving some uncertain why the show was even continuing. Crawford was fired back in the spring for a few reports of dangerous behavior on set, especially during episodes he was also directing.

There are still 11 more episodes of Lethal Weapon ahead with Wayans in them. The actor is finishing out the first half of season 3 before he takes his leave, perhaps due to some kind of contractual mandate.

Lethal Weapon returned to the air last month, and so far reactions to Wayans' new on screen partner, Cole (Seann William Scott), has been lukewarm. Still, the show has soldiered on through the rumors and the criticism, and at this point, there is nothing to suggest that Wayans departure will stop it either..

Lethal Weapon airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.