Viewers Noticed Something Disturbing in the 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' Special

ABC aired A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Wednesday, and Peanuts fans noticed something a bit peculiar.

While the show seemed innocent enough when it was shown during childhood, adults tuning back into the program noticed that one character was committing a cannibalistic act.

In the special's closing scene, Snoopy and his bird friend Woodstock sit down together to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. However, that feast includes a turkey.

Fans were surprised to see Woodstock so calm and collected about eating a cooked bird for the holiday meal.


"You know you’re not a kid anymore when...watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving tonight," viewer Michael Becker wrote. "Seeing Woodstock sit down to eat turkey with Snoopy and thinking to myself 'cannibalism?'"

See some of the reactions below.