'Blue Bloods' Introduces New Partner for Eddie

While Eddie and Jamie can work at the same precinct on Blue Bloods, Eddie does need a new partner when she's walking the beat. This week, she finally got that new partner, and the character is having some trouble endearing herself to fans.

In "Trust," Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) is partnered with Maya (Yasha Thompson). However, their partnership gets off to a rough start with Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), who is disappointed that they did not act right away when a public dispute broke out at a convenience store.

At the start of the episode, Eddie and Maya tried to stop the dispute after they saw a man banging on a bodega's door. The locals told them not to worry about it, and Maya let the man go. This was a bit confusing to Eddie, but Maya said it would be an "overreaction" to arrest the man.

Later on, the same man assaulted the woman who co-owns the store. The residents yelled at Eddie and Maya for not taking stronger action before. Jamie was not happy with their decisions, so he put them both on foot post until further notice. Maya was not happy at all that Eddie was supporting Jamie.

Jamie confronted the store owner, believing he lied about wanting the man arrested. It turns out that the man is being employed illegally. Jamie learned that the store owner was threatening to report the man to ICE if he did not work for free.

Jamie told Eddie his plan was to help Eddie build chemistry with Maya. He knew it would look bad if she becomes something akin to an informer for him.

Towards the end of the episode, Jamie caught Eddie and Maya up with what he learned about the bodega owner and apologized for how he treated them. He also told Maya that she cannot let people filming her actions influence her decisions. Maya then thanked Jamie for taking the time to talk with them and he put them back on wheels.

Fans at home were surprised by how Eddie reacted to the situation and were not happy with Maya. Some were interested by the character's growing relationship with Eddie as the episode went on though.

"Whats with eddie new partner so judgemental," one fan wrote.

"I don't like Eddie Jenko's... new partner," added another.

"Another reason they shouldn't be working together. Hard enough to hide your relationship from your new partner," another added.

This season, fans have been forced to get used to a new dynamic between Eddie and Jamie. Not only are they engaged, but Jamie is now Eddie's boss. Jamie took a promotion and is now a sergeant at a troubled precinct.

At first, Jamie wanted Eddie transferred so they could continue working together, but Eddie declined. Eddie later changed her mind though, and was transferred. They have had a rocky start so far, with Jamie struggling to realize he cannot spend his time being overprotective of his future wife.

"Their precinct in a rougher neighborhood has them trying to navigate the current climate in which cops feel under siege," showrunner Kevin Wade told TVInsider about their new situation.

Fans were also concerned that this could mean the end of the "Jamko" relationship they know and love.

Actress Vanessa Ray took to Instagram Friday to assure them this is not the case.

"Excited to introduce a new pal to the show tonight," she wrote. "Don't worry #jamko is not going anywhere."

Next week, Eddie and Jamie's relationship will go to another level when Eddie introduces her beau to her mother, played by guest star Christine Ebersole. That scene will be in "Hook Or By Crook," which airs on Nov. 9.


Also in "Trust," Anthony (Steve Schirripa) asked Erin (Bridget Moynahan) to look into a retirement home that was putting his mother through unnecessary tests. Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez (Marisa Ramirez) investigated the death of a college freshman at a paternity party. Frank (Tom Selleck) also fought a lawsuit from a sergeant who accused the police department of racist and ageism.

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