BattleBots Making a Comeback on Discovery and Science Channels

The robot fighting competition BattleBots has moved from network to network several times, but its co-founder says it has finally found its rightful home on Discovery and the Science Channel.

BattleBots is being revived by the educational cable network after it was dropped by ABC in 2016. Before that, it ran on Comedy Central from 2000 to 2002. The comeback was announced on The Hollywood Reporter, where Science Channel general manager Marc Etkind, expressed his excitement.

"BattleBots is the perfect union between cutting-edge science and entertainment," he said. "Having heard the call from robot fans clamoring for more action, we are thrilled to bring back this iconic series."

BattleBots consists of three-minute fights between robots built for combat with other robots. The object of the game is to disable or destroy the opponent. The concept was originally conceived by Ed Roski and Greg Munson of Whalerock Industries.

Roski, BattleBots co-founder, expressed his excitement at working with Discovery. "In BattleBots, anyone can be the champ, and all are welcome to apply," he said. "This is a sport for smart people where it's all about ideas and building something cool. BattleBots is a fight to the death, but no one gets hurt. It's the place to show off your imagination, your engineering prowess and art, and your ability to make it survive — and we couldn't be happier bringing BattleBots to Discovery. In my opinion, Discovery is the TV network where BattleBots has always belonged."


The new show will be executive produced by Roski and Munson, along with Lloyd Braun, Chris Cowan, Tom Gutteridge and Aaron Catling. Wyatt Channell will EP for Discovery and the Science Channel.

New episodes are set to premiere sometime in spring of 2018. Fans and competitors are overjoyed at the improbable third chance for the show, proving that the concept has some staying power.