Anastacia Suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction on Italian Version of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Singer-songwriter Anastacia had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on stage on Italy's version of [...]

Singer-songwriter Anastacia had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on stage on Italy's version of Dancing With The Stars over the weekend.

The "I'm Outta Love" singer took part in a segment called Dancer for a Night, where celebrity guests perform in a one-time routine and are scored by the judges. The 49-year-old was supposed to be lifted by her partner, Maykel Fonts, but in the process she revealed a little more than she intended.

(Photo: Instagram @ballandoconlestelle)

Photos of the mishap were published by DailyMail. However, Anastacia herself seemed to take the accident in stride. She posted on Instagram thanking her choreographer partner for his expertise, and she appears to have viewed the appearance as a success. The show's official Instagram did as well, posting several shots of their routine and praising the singer's performance.

The show is called Ballando con le stelle, and is one of many international franchises of Dancing With the Stars. Anastacia had previously competed on the United Kingdom's version, called Strictly Come Dancing. She had a emotional exit from the show just two years ago, when she competed alongside Brendan Cole.

Anastacia revealed at the time that the competition was a way of reclaiming her body confidence after fighting two battles with breast cancer. The singer went through a double mastectomy and offered a vulnerable look at life after the crippling illness.

"After my double mastectomy, it stripped away a part of me that I feel I would like to find again," she told the BBC. "I have always been a fan of this TV show, admired each contestant year after year. This opportunity has come at a perfect time to help me use and get to know my upper body again."

While she's known for her commanding stage presence and big performances, Anastacia revealed at the time that she didn't have the kind of dancing background that would give her a leg up in the show.

"I am not a dancer," she said. "No technical training. I fell in love with remixes at New York discos and I'd stay there dancing freestyle till they literally swept me out the door."

Ultimately, she was the sixth person to be eliminated that season. However, the confidence boost persisted, as she took the stage in Italy this weekend.