Popeyes Drops New Chicken Sandwich But There's a Catch

Popeyes is continuing to make waves in the fast food game, though the latest news comes from just north of the border. The iconic chicken chain is officially treating its Canadian guests to an all new chicken sandwich, the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich, which is currently rolling out at Popeyes Canada locations throughout the month of May.

Available "country-wide," according to the Daily Hive, the new Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich gets its name from its new mouth-watering buffalo ranch sauce. That sauce, which slathers the sandwich, is made with a creamy buttermilk ranch and buffalo sauce. While it is a staple of the new dish, it is not the only ingredient that helps the sandwich pack plenty of flavor. The sandwich also boasts the chain's hand-battered and breaded chicken, with is topped with barrel-cured pickles and sandwiched between buttery brioche buns. In a statement, Rob Manuel, General Manager of Popeyes Canada, said, "as we continue to expand Popeyes across the country, we are excited for more Canadians to fall in love with our Chicken Sandwich."

Thankfully, the new sandwich won't require fast food lovers hoping to check every chicken sandwich off their menu to have a passport or a plane ticket. Although the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is just now rolling out across Canada, it is already on menus in the U.S. The sandwich began rolling out nationwide in the States earlier this month, with Popeyes in the U.S. dubbing it the chain's "sauciest sandwich yet." In a press release, Sami Siddiqui, President of Popeyes North America, noted the chain's history of being a leading figure in the ongoing chicken sandwich wars, having kick started that battle back in 2019, adding, "we have not stopped innovating since. We have a lot of fun experimenting with new flavors in our test kitchen, and this Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is one I'm especially excited to bring to our guests."


The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is not the only new item to join Popeyes delicious food lineup in recent months. Back in March, the chain swerved away from its focus on the chicken sandwich and zeroed in on another lane: pastries. Popeyes dropped Wild Berry Beignets, a French pastry that's fried to order, filled with a sweet wild berry sauce, and coated in powdered sugar. Wild Berry Beignets debuted in the U.S. as a limited time item.