KFC Launches New Chicken Sandwich

KFC is upping the ante in the ongoing chicken sandwich wars, because Colonel Sanders has just rolled out a new sandwich that boasts seven layers! Dubbed the chain's "baconiest" burger yet, the new Turkey Baconized Zinger has officially landed on KFC menus in Singapore for a limited time only.

The new sandwich begins with KFC's signature Zinger fillet, which is then layered with two pieces of crispy turkey bacon, creamy turkey baconized sauce, two slices of cheddar cheese, onion relish sauce, and served with soft, buttery brioche buns. According to the chain, the Turkey Bacon Zinger is "a dream come true for any meat lover." FastFood SQ managed to get their hands on one of the new sandwiches and wrote that "the buns are really soft and perfect. The turkey baconized sauce and onion relish sauce is really good paired with the turkey bacon. Will definitely buy this burger again."

(Photo: KFC)

According to Chew Boom, the Turkey Baconized Zinger can be found at participating KFC locations across Singapore for a suggested price of $7.55 Singapore dollars, or about $5.61 US dollars. Goody Feed Singapore reported that it costs $6.95 and is also available in a Turkey Baconized Zinger Meal at only $9.15. That meal also includes the sandwich one regular Pepsi Black, and four Waffle Hash, a potato snack that "is fried to crispy perfection and has a pleasant savoury taste, making it the perfect companion to your burger." On their own, Waffle Hash cost $2.80.

The Turkey Baconized Zinger is just the latest new menu item to hit KFC's menus in Singapore. In late February, KFC locations in Singapore brought back Chicken Skin snacks with a new Goldspice flavor. The new Goldspice Chicken Skin snacks include real chicken skin pieces tossed in the unique blend of salted egg, curry leaves, and sweet basil seasoning. KFC Singapore also offers Original Recipe Chicken Skin, which is also hand-breaded in restaurant. Chicken Skins were first introduced to KFC branches in Southeast Asia in summer 2019.

KFC has also served up something new for its fans in the U.S. The chain kicked off 2022 by adding Beyond Meat's plant-based chicken to menus nationwide. The Beyond Meat chicken was available for a limited time in six-piece or 12-piece orders, with the six-piece order starting at $6.99.