Popeyes Brings Back Fan-Favorite Menu Item

A fan-favorite menu item has just made its way back to the Popeyes menu! Now well into the midst of the 2022 seafood season, the fast food restaurant chain has officially welcomed back the Shrimp Tackle Box, and this year its returning to menus nationwide alongside an all-new menu item.

A staple menu item around this time of the year, and a long-held fan-favorite ordering option, the Shrimp Tackle Box is backed to the brim with mouth-watering items. The meal consists of eight plump and juicy butterfly shrimp marinated in an authentic blend of Louisiana seasonings and then battered in Popeyes traditional southern crispy coating. It also features a signature side and a hot buttery biscuit, all for the price of just $5 or $6. The Shrimp Tackle Box is available for order pickup on the Popeyes App or on Popeyes.com for $5 or on demand in-store for $6, according to Chew Boom.

Joining the Shrimp Tackle Box on the menu is the new Wildberry Beignets, Chew Boom confirmed. The new sweet treat features a French pastry that's fried to order, filled with a sweet wild berry sauce, and coated in powdered sugar. Wildberry Beignets first appeared on menus in select locations earlier this month, though they are now set to roll out nationwide. The new treat will be available in 3-piece, 6-piece, and 12-piece options with prices starting at a suggested price of $1.99.

Both items are making their way to Popeyes locations nationwide amid the ongoing 2022 fast food seafood season. Seafood season occurs every year in the weeks leading up to Easter. During this Lenten period, those who observe Lent refrain from eating meat on Fridays, with many instead choosing to eat fish. As a result, many fast food chains have sought to capitalize on those meatless days by catering their menus, adding seafood options for guests, including ever-popular fish sandwiches.

Along with the Shrimp Tackle Box, Popeyes also offers its Cajun Flounder Sandwich. Originally introduced in 2021, the sandwich a flounder filet sourced from the Pacific Ocean. The filet is light, flakey and seasoned in a blend of Cajun classic and spicy seasoning and topped with barrel-cured pickles and tartar sauce and served on a buttery toasted brioche bun. The Cajun Flounder Sandwich returned to menus nationwide earlier in March and is available with a choice of classic or spicy flavor profiles.