Panda Express Enters Fast-Food Chicken Sandwich War With Their Own Twist

The quest to create the ultimate chicken sandwich Is one of the neverending challenges facing the fast-food industry, and while restaurants like Chick-fil-a and Popeyes reign supreme, Panda Express is surprisingly entering the fray. The chain is currently testing an Orange Chicken Sandwich Bao at their innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, California, through April 14, 2022, so fast-food devotees might want to plan a roadtrip.

The new sandwich features a crispy chicken strip tossed in the signature Orange Chicken sauce, sliced pickles, and sriracha aioli on a toasted bao bun. With a handheld twist on their most popular dish, Panda Express seems to be planning ways to make their meals even more mobile. It's currently unknown if the Item will be added to the menu in more locations or in a more permanent capacity.

The item is starting to gain steam on social media, with a few Twitter users sharing interest In testing it out. "Wait. Panda Express has a Orange Chicken sandwich now??? I'll be right back," tweeted one interested snacker. "panda express has an orange chicken sandwich. no way," wrote another. Ultimately, the question is this: is this sandwich an innovation or an abomination?

One prescient fan predicted this development last year. "Taco Bell has a new chicken sandwich taco. Every fast food restaurant apparently needs a chicken sandwich now. So…hear me out…orange chicken sandwich from Panda Express?" they tweeted. One of their replies got even more specific, tweeting "Orange chicken sandwich with a bao bun sounds perfect." They might want to get in on this sooner rather than later.