McDonald's Adds New Summer Treat to Menu

McDonald's is bulking up its menu with a new chilled item just in time for those summer heatwaves. The Golden Arches is mixing salty and sweet for its latest mouth-watering child concoction – the new Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry. The new addition, set to be available at participating McDonald's locations nationwide beginning May 25, marks the first new addition to the McFlurry lineup of 2022.

Described by the fast-food chain as "the perfect combination of salty and sweet," the new Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry begins with McDonald's creamy vanilla soft serve. In true McFlurry fashion, that delicious vanilla soft serve is then mixed with chocolate-covered pretzel bits and topped with a rich caramel swirl. Per McDonald's, the new McFlurry will help guests "beat the summer heat." The Chocolate Pretzel McFlurry marks the first new McFlurry flavor of the year and will only be available for a limited time, though McDonald's did not say when it will disappear.

(Photo: McDonald's)

The new McFlurry makes for the perfect pairing with numerous other items on McDonald's menu. For those with a sweet tooth, guests will "love that first taste of the rich chocolatey goodness and tasty caramel together," and they can add even more sweetness to their day with a warm Apple Pie or Chocolate Chip Cookie. Those with a hankering for salty treats may want to add the chain's world famous french fries or a mouthwatering Big Mac to their order.

The Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry joins an existing McFlurry lineup that includes the classic OREO McFlurry and M&M's McFlurry. The chain also offers chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shakes, hot fudge and hot caramel sundaes, and vanilla soft-serve ice cream to help guests satiate their sweet tooth or cool down on hot days.


The new McFlurry is just the latest sweet treat to arrive at McDonald's. It follows the return of the famed Glazed Pull Apart Donut earlier this month. That donut, which originally debuted on the McCafé Bakery menu in September 2021, a cluster of seven light and airy donuts that are coated in a delightful, sweet glaze. As its name suggests, the Glazed Pull Apart Donut can easily be pulled apart, making the treat perfect for sharing, dunking, or simply a less messy treat. It also pairs well with a McCafé Premium Roast Coffee. The Glazed Pull Apart Donut is back on the menus for a limited time only.