McDonalds Adds Cheesy New Burger to Menu

The McDonald's menu just got a lot cheesier thanks to a new burger addition. The Gold Arches has officially added the new Triple Cheese Angus Thick Beef Burger, a new limited-edition sandwich that features a built-in appetizer and is loaded with cheese.

Now available on the menu in select locations, the Triple Cheese Angus Thick Beef Burger takes things to the extreme. The burger features a thick Angus beef patty that is not only topped with a slice of cheddar cheese and sauce, but also cheese sticks, according to Chew Boom. For those wanting even more cheese, McDonald's also offers the option to order an extra packet of cheese sauce, which can be poured over the top of the burger "for a waterfall-like cheese effect."

Most cheese lovers will unfortunately have a difficult time getting their hands on the Triple Cheese Angus Thick Beef Burger. The burger is currently only available at participating locations across China, where it debuted on the menu as part of the fast food restaurant chain's Angus MAX Burger lineup. The Triple Cheese Angus Thick Beef Burger is also only set to stick around for a limited time through May 10. It is unclear if McDonald's has plans to roll the burger out in its other markets, though it is not uncommon for the chain to introduce country-specific items.

Just last month, McDonald's expanded its McCafé Bakery menu in Japan with the introduction of Caramel Banana Macarons. Defined by both "richness and sweetness," the treat features crispy dough and is "covered with cream that allows you to enjoy the sweetness of savory caramel and the taste of tropical bananas." It joined an existing macaron lineup that includes green tea, chocolate, vanilla, citron, and raspberry macarons. McDonald's also offers macarons, which were first introduced in Australia in 2013, in France, where flavors like salted butter and pistachio are available.


Back here in the States, McDonald's kicked off May by bringing back the Glazed Pull Apart Donut. Part of the McCafé Bakery lineup, and first debuting in September 2021, the donut features a cluster of seven light and airy donuts, which can easily be pulled apart and are coated in a delightful, sweet glaze. The Glazed Pull Apart Donut is back on the menu nationwide for a limited time.