McDonald's Adds New McFlurry to the Menu, but There's a Catch

The McDonald's McFlurry menu is expanding – at least for fast food lovers in one corner of the globe. The Golden Arches has officially rolled out the Sea Salt McFlurry to dessert to its dessert menu, though the chilled ice cream treat is currently only being served in Singapore. It is unclear if McDonald's has plans to bring the sweet treat overseas.

The famed McDonald's McFlurry is part of the fast food chain's dessert menu, and fans have been mclovin' it for decades now. The McFlurry is madde with whipped, soft-serve McDonald's vanilla-flavored ice cream, which is served in a cup and is typically blended with other ingredients. The new Sea Salt McFlurry begins with vanilla soft serve, which is then blended with blue sea salt swirls and colourful sprinkles, giving way to a "sweet and salty flavor profile," according to Chew Boom.

The Sea Salt McFlurry was previously sold at McDonald's Malaysia in fall 2020 before making its way to Singapore this year, according to Mothership, which reported that the Sea Salt McFlurry began appearing on menus in December. The new dessert item reportedly costs around S$3, or around $2.20 USD. It is said to be available to order in-store and also via McDelivery and Grab.

As for how it tastes? Nur Sabrina wrote for Youthopia that they would give it a 7 out of 10, sharing that "the saltiness from the blue swirls and sprinkles are very subtle and somewhat savoury. The sweet vanilla ice cream goes surprisingly well with the little salty bits." However, halfway through the cup, the ice cream left a funny aftertaste in my mouth. The saltiness started to set in and it made me thirsty for water and additional spoons of ice cream weren't helping." Sabrina added that "the price was reasonable, the aesthetics were impressive and it was nice at first," and while they "personally would not get it again and it's not something I would miss when it's gone," they said "think it's worth a try."


While getting a taste of the Sea Salt McFlurry may just be a thing of dreams for customers in the U.S., the Golden Arches has plenty of McFlurry options stateside. The current U.S. McFlurry lineup includes the McFlurry with Oreo Cookies and the McFlurry with M7M's Candy. The U.S. dessert menu also includes chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla shakes as well as several hot sundaes.