Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream Making an Exclusive Return at Major Store Chain

Have you ever had macaroni and cheese and wondered why there wasn't any ice cream in it? Better yet, have you ever had ice cream and wondered where the macaroni and cheese was? If you answered yes to either of those questions, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream has the perfect flavor for you. The brand announced Thursday that its Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream flavor will soon be available again at Walmart, alongside a selection of other bizarre flavors.

The Mac & Cheese flavor was introduced last year at Van Leeuwen's website and stores, where it sets you back $12 a pint. It is made with real powdered cheese, mixed into Van Leeuwen's classic ice cream, giving it that trademark Kraft orange look. Pints sold out within the first hour of going on sale last year and almost 10,000 scoops were sold in stores on the first day, reports Chewboom.

Now that Van Leeuwen knows the Mac & Cheese Ice Cream has a wide audience, they are making the flavor available to an even wider audience starting on March 14. It will be available at 3,500 Walmart stores across the country. The other flavors coming to Walmarts are Planet Earth, Pizza, Hot Honey, Royal Wedding Cake, Bourbon Cherries Jubilee, and Wild Blueberry Shortcake.

The Pizza flavor doesn't include tomato sauce but uses a tomato jam swirl mixed with basil crust cookies in cream cheese and mozzarella ice cream. Planet Earth is blue spirulina almond ice cream with chunks of matcha green tea cake. The Hot Honey flavor is vanilla ice cream with honeycomb and hot honey swirls.

Cake lovers will want to try Royal Wedding Cake, which hopefully tastes better than the slices of royal wedding cakes that hit the auction block. It includes chunks of lemon sponge cake with layers of elderflower frosting in floral, sweet cream cheese ice cream. There is also the Wild Blueberry Shortkae, which includes wild blueberry swirl vanilla ice cream with shortcake chunks. Bourbon Cherries Jubilee is a sweet cream ice cream with swirls of bourbon cherry compote.

"What inspired us to start making ice cream was the idea that good food, and good ice cream, made from good ingredients, should be widely available on the market. We made these seven exclusive flavors using the same artisanal processes and ingredients that we have been using to make our ice cream for the past 15 years," Van Leeuwen CEO Ben Van Leeuwen said in a press release. "We have created a collection of classic flavors using thoughtfully sourced ingredients, from local jam makers to wild blueberries from Maine to cookie bakers with a social mission. There are also unique and surprisingly delicious flavors that you would never expect to love as an ice cream (mac and cheese, and pizza!)."

This is not the first time Walmart has teamed with a brand to bring a unique wave of exclusive ice cream flavors to customers. In February, Hudsonville Ice Cream released Little Debbie-themed ice cream. The first wave of flavors included Oatmeal Creme Pies, Cosmic Brownies, Zebra Cakes, Honey Buns, Strawberry Shortcake Rolls, Swiss Rolls, and Nutty Bars, all designed to remind snack lovers of their favorite treats.