Donald Trump Tells Rally Crowd He's 'Entitled' to Third Presidential Term

President Donald Trump has once again discussed his dream of having a third presidential term. Though the 22nd Amendment clearly states a president can only serve two terms based on re-election after four years, Trump hasn't been shy about the possibility of pushing for a change if he were to win the upcoming November election against Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

Speaking to a Nevada rally crowd on Saturday evening, Trump once again expanded on this idea, this time stating that he is "entitled" to a third term if he wins the upcoming election. "We're gonna win four more years in the White House, and then we'll negotiate, because based on the way we were treated, we're probably entitled to another four years after that," Trump told the crowd.

In his message, Trump shared his hopes of winning the state come election time while knocking down Gov. Steve Sisolak, whom he said attempted to shut down the rally amid the coronavirus pandemic. Like all of his prior stops, Trump's rally has come under criticism for lack of social distancing, and the use of face masks as COVID-19 continues to cause problems for the country.

Back in mid-August, Trump first brought up a third term he would want to serve. Occurring during his Minnesota rally, Trump told the crowd in attendance that he anticipates winning another four years before saying "and then after that, we'll go for another four years." His reasoning at the time was that he felt cheated out of his first term due to what he said was "spying" done on him. Due to that, Trump claimed he deserved another term if he wins the re-election.

When it comes to the November election, Trump finds himself in an uphill competition with Biden faring better in preliminary polls. While national polls continue to favor the former vice president under alongside Barack Obama, Trump remains optimistic that another four years is coming his way. He recently tweeted during his time in Nevada that if Biden wins the election, "the rioters, anarchists and arsonists win."