Donald Trump Says He Wants to Run for Third Term Because He 'Should Get a Redo of 4 Years'

President Donald Trump believes he should get a third term after he gets reelected in November. Speaking in Minnesota, Trump brought up the possibility of him running once again in 2024, despite it being unconstitutional.

"We are going to win four more years," Trump stated during his rally. However, it was what he said next that caught the attention of everyone: "And then after that, we'll go for another four years." He rationalized this shocking statement by suggesting it's only fair after "they spied on my campaign." Because of that, Trump feels he should get a "redo of four years." Whether or not he was serious or not, this would go against the 22nd Amendment, which says that no person should hold office for more than two terms. The only person to be elected more than two times was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was voted in four times prior to the amendment being ratified in 1957.

Trump, who recently lost his brother, is hot on the rally trail as he prepares for the November election. There, he will face off against former vice president, Joe Biden, who recently selected Sen. Kamala Harris, as his running mate. Following that selection, Trump shared a video on Twitter mocking the choice, calling Harris a "phony" in the process. He continued to knock Harris down during Monday's rally, saying that "left town before the first vote was taken" because as he put it, "she went down like a rock" during the primaries. As Trump remains as vocal as ever, he is about a week away from speaking at the Republican National Convention, an event that was originally to be held in Jacksonville before being canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic. There remains controversy about where he will be giving his speech as Trump remains adamant he will be doing so on the White House lawn, which has come under heat for being unethical.


While Trump draws attention to his plans for not just another term, but a third one, the Democrats kicked off their national convention on Monday. The event will run until Thursday and will feature a long list of notable speakers, including Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.