Clip of Kellyanne Conway Adamantly Insisting Coronavirus Was Being Contained Resurfaces After Her Diagnosis

As news of Kellyanne Conway's coronavirus diagnosis spread, an old clip of her curt response to a [...]

As news of Kellyanne Conway's coronavirus diagnosis spread, an old clip of her curt response to a question about the pandemic is making the rounds again. Conway was still with the Trump administration back in March when the coronavirus first began to spread widely in the U.S. At the time, she insisted that President Donald Trump had contained the virus and that other politicians would not have been able to do the same in his position.

"It is being contained, do you not think it's being contained in this country?" Conway asked CBS News' Paula Reid at the time. "You said it's not being contained. Are you a doctor or lawyer when you say it's not being contained? That's false. You just said something that's not true." Conway maintained a smug tone throughout the clip, but her remarks have now proven patently false, as the coronavirus pandemic has taken more lives in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world.

Conway was not the only Trump administration official to brush off concerns about COVID-19 throughout the last few months, and she was among several of them to contract the virus last week. Conway tested positive for the virus on Oct. 2. She left the Trump administration back in August for family reasons but notably attended the White House reception for Supreme Court appointee Amy Coney Barrett last weekend.

The White House observed no coronavirus safety measures for Barrett's reception, and several attendees have now tested positive for COVID-19. Video from the event shows public figures like Conway hugging, shaking hands and speaking in small, close circles without face masks on. No social distancing was involved.

Conway left the White House in August because her daughter, Claudia Conway had become a viral sensation on social media. Claudia has a huge following on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter where she posts anti-Trump material and condemns her parents' politics from within their own house.

This weekend, Claudia revealed that she, too, had tested positive for COVID-19. She expressed fury at her mother for not taking the virus seriously and encouraged her followers not to listen to Trump. She called on them to vote him out in November.

Trump himself received supplemental oxygen therapy on Friday, shortly before he was hospitalized with COVID-19. He has received an intense treatment of drugs, antibodies and other therapies, most of which are not available to the average person. Trump claims that he is leaving the hospital on Monday evening, but an official announcement from his doctors has not confirmed this yet.