Soothe Your Skin with Thermal Water

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Beloved by beauty experts and models alike, thermal water is one the best ways in keeping skin looking clean and fresh all day long. But we know what you're thinking — how is this water anydifferent than what we wash our face with on a daily basis, right?

Thermal water owes its allure to the extensive voyage of natural rainwater that makes its way through soil and mountainous terrain before resurfacing in springs. During this process, water becomes rich in minerals, nutrients, and carbon dioxide.

With springs all over the world, the best can be found in France. Located deep underground, these springs possess pollution-free minerals that contain healing properties, particularly those that concern skin conditions.

It might seem like you need to travel far and wide, but think again Womanistas. Nashville celebrity hair and makeup artist, Christin Cook Zito calls thermal water a "must" for your beauty regimen.

Originally used by French doctors to soothe skin from burns and irritations, Zito shares it can be used in a variety of ways and is a beauty secret she first learned about when in Paris.

"Parisians take their skincare very seriously and thermal water is one of their best kept beauty secrets," she says. "This special water is amazing for sensitive skin, irritated skin, rashes, [and] psoriasis — it has rare minerals that are perfect for calming skin, moisturizing skin and in some cases, healing it!"

From masks, sprays, scrubs, creams and more, Zito says thermal water products come in a variety of forms.

"Avene, Vichy, and La Roche Posay really have these products on lockdown," she says. "All three companies have some amazing products that include thermal water [and] you can find most of these in the States now as well."

Calms irritated skin
Stress plays a powerful role in our mental well-being, but it also has the power to break down our skin's barrier and undermine its ability to protect itself against pollutants. When we stress, it shows on our skin, but Zito denotes its natural process of fostering rich minerals to calm irritation.

"[It's] like a gift from nature that includes antiseptic and healing properties," Zito says. "These rare minerals leave a softening film on the skin that will soothe and comfort your skin."

Helping to relax even diaper rash or post-surgery inflammation, the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatologysuggests thermal water as an effective way to relieve irritation and sensitivity. Additional studiesprove thermal water regenerates the skin, which is helpful during summer months when we're exposed to UVA/B rays.

Effective setting spray
Who needs powder to set your makeup, when you can use thermal water! Zito says one of the best ways to keep your makeup lasting longer is by using a setting spray. Used in the form of a spray or a makeup application sponge, thermal water helps maintain all-over radiance without that cakey feeling.

"Every makeup artist uses this secret and it can more than double the hours your makeup will stay looking perfect or glowing," she says.

As a multiuse product that can be used throughout the day, she shares it's an ideal setting spray to keep handy in your purse or like Zito, in your carry-on travel bag. "As a Nashvillian, it's a major treat to use on hot days."

Protects against free-radicals
One of the greatest abilities of thermal water is its durability against environmental stresses. By reinforcing our skin's natural defense system, studies suggest thermal waters like Vichy considerably raise catalase activity in our body.

Known as a powerful detoxifier, catalase is a cutaneous enzyme that shields our skin against free radicals — also known as, aging. In what might seem like a remedy from the "Fountain of Youth," thermal waters create a defensive effect in assisting the body to shield itself from UVA radiation, as well as environmental or internal oxidizing causes.

Moisturizes skin
When we get dry skin, it's a big indicator that we're experiencing an imbalance of minerals and are short on fatty acids or nutrients. Ideal as a toner and perfect for all skin types, thermal water can be used to add an additional layer of hydration before starting your day.

The Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology reports thermal water products lock in moisture with minerals like copper, zinc, and magnesium — ingredients essential for hydrating and smoothing our complexion. These minerals slow down the natural evaporation process to help hold water deep beneath the skin's surface.

Zito believes thermal water is one of the most effective natural moisturizers available. As a pro tip for Womanistas, she shares to spray it on skin when you get out of the shower, as your pores are open.


"[This] will hydrate and soften your skin," Zito reveals. "[However], I personally do not recommend it as a replacement for skincare, but I think it's a fun and effective tool you can use to complement your current skincare."

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