'Upload' Stars Robbie Amell and Andy Allo Talk 'Excitement' for Season 2 of Amazon Comedy (Exclusive)

Upload Season 2 is coming to Amazon Prime Video this week, and stars Robbie Amell and Andy Allo recently opened up about filming new episodes of the hit comedy. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Allo dished on the new season, offering her thoughts on how the pre-debut energy is different this time around. "I think with Season 1, there was a bit of that nervousness of not being sure if people were going to like it, if that was going to read," she said.

"You put your heart and soul and blood, sweat, all this into something, and we love it all so much," she continued. "Greg [Daniels] created this incredible world, so you're like, please, please like it." Commenting on how the cast is feeling ahead of the new episodes, Allo explained they all managed to get their "sea legs" after seeing the reception from audiences. "So now it's just more excitement. We still want people to like it, but there's a little more ease and just excitement of like, all right, we created a thing, you like it, here's even more of it. So it feels really exciting." Amell then quipped, "It's been two years. We just hope people remember it."

Amell went on to discuss what it was like filming Season 2 of Upload under the new production guidelines made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic. "It was a bit of a bummer, but at the same time we knew how lucky we were to be working," he said. "I mean, the world was going through something way more important than our TV show. So everybody took it very seriously. The testing protocols in place from Amazon were really tight. We got through it."

The actor added: "The sad thing is it took the same amount of time to shoot seven episodes that it took to shoot 10 pre-COVID, and that's just the way things were. Everything was a little slower. Everything was a little more careful. We were lucky in that we all kind of lived in this little bubble, so we got to spend time amongst ourselves. Honestly, if you watch the show, I don't think there's anything that tells you that it was shot during COVID. We were able to do it in the same way. It just took a little longer. So I think we're really lucky and I think we made something really special. I think anybody that liked the first season is going to really love the second." 


Upload Season 2 premieres all seven episodes on Friday, March 11 on Prime Video. For more on Upload and all your streaming updates, stick to PopCulture.com for the latest in entertainment, celebrity and trending news.