The Forgotten Anna Kendrick Movie Netflix Users Are Rediscovering

While Netflix is known for its bigger films like Red Notice, the streaming service also has some movies that flew under the radar when they were released and are finding new life online. One of those movies is Mr. Right, a rom-com with a twist that is now streaming on Netflix. Mr. Right stars Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell and originally hit theaters in 2015, but it's safe to say that you probably missed it the first time around.

Mr. Right stars Kendrick as Martha, an optimistic but unlucky-in-love young woman who thinks she has found the perfect guy in Francis, played by Rockwell. However, "Mr. Right" soon reveals a major red flag: he's actually a hitman who is on the run from the crime lords that used to hire him for his very specific skills. Martha soon becomes his unwitting accomplice, and she might even uncover some murderous skills of her own.

Mr. Right was divisive when released, getting a 44% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics and a 56% audience score. It was also a financial failure, making only $670k at the worldwide box office. Still, the action-comedy could have the makings of a cult classic as it finds new life on Netflix. When asked why she was drawn to the film, Kendrick explained that she really enjoyed Martha's quirkier aspects. "I thought, I love this girl," Kendrick said on Good Morning America. "She is a psycho. She's an absolute psycho from page one and then Sam puts a gun in her hand and it's absolute chaos."


One difficult aspect of Mr. Right is the fact that it was written by filmmaker Max Landis, the son of Animal House director John Landis. In 2019, the Daily Beast reported that Landis was accused of sexual assault by 8 women. The specifics of the accusations varied in intensity and horror, but most included some combination of psychological and sexual manipulation.