‘Spinning Out’ Canceled: Netflix Axes Figure Skating Drama After Just 1 Season

Netflix has canceled Spinning Out just over a month after its series premiere. The ice skating drama debuted on the streaming service on New Year's Day and was recently axed, per The Hollywood Reporter. No official reason was given for the cancellation, and no viewership information has been made available.

The series was created by former competitive figure skater Samantha Stratton and starred Kaya Scodelario as a high-level singles skater who reinvents her career following a life-changing injury. Netflix produced the drama series in-house, which happened to end on a cliffhanger. Now, it appears unlikely that the show will get a resolution.

This news comes just days after Netflix announced it had canceled Josh Safran's musical dramedy Soundtrack after one season, which premiered back in December. The month prior, it had pulled the plug on Anne with an E after three seasons, which particularly chided fans given the fourth season would've concluded its storyline.

Over the summer, the streaming also canceled Designated Survivor, which was another blow to fans, especially considering they had to deal with it being canceled by ABC before Netflix jumped in to save it, only to cancel it for a second time.

While Netflix keeps canceling its series for a variety of reasons, it is notoriously secretive about its viewership data, only occasionally announcing "record-breaking" viewership numbers with its original content, such as Stranger Things or The Witcher. In regards to the latter, it was announced that the fantasy series had become the platform's most-viewed original series, albeit after they changed the metrics for what counted as a view.

There have also been some changes to Netflix beyond its streaming content. Approximately 15 employees were laid off amid some drastic restructuring of the marketing department, which will shift its strategy from pushing individual projects to larger, all-encompassing ads about what the service offers as a whole.


This new strategy comes as Netflix is facing more competition than ever, from existing services like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu to newcomers like Disney+ and Apple TV+. Not to mention services set to launch later this year, such as HBO Max, Peacock and Quibi.

Even as existing shows get canceled, Netflix is still stacking its library with a slew of new content. This includes a reality series featuring ex-Royal Meghan Markle, the dating competition series Love is Blind featuring Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa, and a quartet of Adam Sandler movies so he can make good on his promise after being snubbed by the Oscars this year.