Netflix Gifts Viewers 'A Christmas Prince' Sequel for the Holidays

After Netflix's original film A Christmas Prince became a breakout hit of the holiday season last [...]

After Netflix's original film A Christmas Prince became a breakout hit of the holiday season last year, the streaming giant decided to gift fans with a sequel, which will be arriving on the platform in November.

Entertainment Weekly reports that A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, will premiere on Nov. 30, marking a big moment for holiday viewing parties everywhere.

The original film saw Amber (Rose McIver) travel to the fictional country of Aldovia and pose as a tutor for a young princess, ultimately falling in love with the girl's older brother, Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), and the sequel will focus on Amber and Richard's royal wedding.

Thanks to EW, fans can get a first look at an image from the sequel, which takes place one year after the events of the original. The plot will find Amber wondering whether she wants to take on the role of queen, while Richard has to contend with a "political crisis that threatens to tarnish not only the holiday season, but the future of the kingdom."

The film's first-look photo finds Amber sitting an ornate desk and typing on her laptop, a red teacup and sign that reads "Christmas" beside her. The desk is situated in front of a decorated tree, indicating that the holiday season is in full swing.

As for what Amber's typing in the snap, fans will likely get a glimpse when the film premieres, though it's safe to assume Amber won't be working on an investigative piece about her husband like she was in the first movie.

Naturally, a film with such a royal premise can't help but take a few cues from real-life royalty, and author Karen Schaler, who wrote A Christmas Prince, told Entertainment Tonight that she was inspired by her experiences covering Prince William and Prince Harry.

Schaler revealed that the film was "loosely inspired by trying to get scoops when I was an investigative reporter and they were always sending me to get the worst story," with the author recalling a time when she was sent to the Isle of Anglesey in Wales where William and wife Kate Middleton were living at the time. She recalled that rather than being forthcoming, the locals were in fact protective of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as Prince Harry.

"They go, 'You have no idea what [Harry's] been through," she said. "You have no idea the wonderful things he does for charity. You have no idea what his real story is. You guys blow it up."

Photo Credit: Netflix