Joanna Gaines Totally Nails Husband Chip With Snowball While Filming 'Fixer Upper'

Chip Gaines just provided an update about the reboot of the popular home renovation show, Fixer Upper. His update didn't involve demolition day or backsplash, however, and instead focused on the recent snowfall in Texas. Gaines showed his wife and business partner, Joanna Gaines, pelting him in the back with a snowball.

The Instagram post showed Gaines sitting in the middle of a yard while talking on the phone. Joanna lined up and then threw a snowball at him, placing it right in the middle of his back. The snowball exploded in slow motion while Gaines paused his call and began to turn around with a stunned expression on his face. There was no audio in the clip, but the fans still expressed appreciation for it.

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"This is only funny when I do it.. [filming Hurts] [Fixer Upper]" Gaines wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. The video prompted several comments from fans in the comments, many of which praised Joanna's aim and arm strength. They were ready to see her go a few innings on the mound.

Following the first episode of Fixer Upper, fans have clamored for more of the Waco power couple with increasing frequency. Now they will have access to even more shows and footage as part of Discovery+. Their Magnolia Network is exclusively available on the streaming service and features Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, as well as multiple other shows.

Joanna's cooking and baking skills will take center stage as part of a new cooking series Magnolia Table. Through this exclusive series, "viewers will spend time in the kitchen with Joanna as she shares with us her favorite recipes, where they come from, and why she finds herself returning to them time and time again."


Additionally, Gaines and Joanna will show off their personal lives with Road to Launch. This series will feature "intimate conversations between the Gaineses" and some of the other Magnolia Network stars. Gaines will then discuss his time training for his first marathon during the documentary Courage to Run.

The final episode of Fixer Upper aired in April 2018 and left fans wanting to see even more home renovation content. Nearly three years later, the show is back. Fixer Upper: Welcome Home will premiere on Jan. 29, exclusively on the Magnolia Network. Now fans will wait to see if the famous snowball throw makes the final cut.