'iCarly' Season 2: Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress Have 'Opposite Takes' on Carly and Freddie's Relationship (Exclusive)

iCarly fans have been rooting for Carly Shay and Freddie Benson to take their friendship to the next level for years, but heading into Season 2, Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress have "opposite" takes on whether Creddie is endgame or not. As the iCarly reboot premieres its sophomore season on Paramount+ Friday, the series' stars teased to PopCulture.com what could be for their longtime BFF characters. 

"I think Nate and I, we have opposite takes," Cosgrove told PopCulture. "I want to see them together, but I don't know." Kress chimed in, "Well, look, I don't not want to see them together. It's just, immediately, everything just gets complicated right away, right out of the gate, because Freddie now all of a sudden has this other relationship [with Pearl] that's a good one, at least in his mind."

"Apparently nobody else feels that way, but it leads to all kinds of questions that Carly probably never really asked before, so I don't know," Kress continued. "Yeah, they're obviously great friends and I think the whole premise of the first episode sets that up, but it would be far too easy if it just – you snapped your fingers and it suddenly happened. ...You got to work for it."

While Carly and Freddie are exploring their relationship dynamic as adults, Jerry Trainor joked his character Spencer Shay is "regressing" as time goes on. "They're all growing up, I'm getting dumber and that's fine with me," he told PopCulture. "I feel like this season, Spencer just gets so much stupider and it's great."

Laci Mosley and Jaidyn Triplett, who made their iCarly debut during the first season of the reboot as Harper and Millicent, really felt like their characters had a chance to spread their wings in their second season on the show. Mosley told PopCulture there's "a lot less pressure" on her now that fans have already fallen in love with Harper. "Now we get to live in these characters, watch them fail, watch them win, watch them interact with each other, and everything is just a little bit more relaxed," she said. "I feel like we're in a pocket and it's fun." Triplett agreed, "I think this season is more relatable and basically, all the characters are now growing instead of figuring them out in the first season. So this is really cool." iCarly Season 2 is streaming now on Paramount+.