'iCarly' Star Miranda Cosgrove Reveals Top Guest Star Crush From Series Run

The iCarly revival is almost here, and the cast is helping get fans excited with a new behind-the-scenes special posted by Paramount+ on Friday. In the 24-minute reunion interview, the cast was asked if they had any real-life crushes on the celebrity guests who visited the show during its original run. With a little prompting, Miranda Cosgrove admitted that she felt a little something for Harry Styles.

"I don't know, I can't just pick one, they were all..." Cosgrove trailed off, trying not to answer the personal question. However, both Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress pressed the issue until she continued: "Okay! Harry Styles." For those that don't remember, Styles appeared in Season 5, Episode 2 of the original run of iCarly — "iGo One Direction." In it, Carly is just recovering from an illness when One Direction accepts an invitation to come perform on her web show, and she feels guilty believing she has transmitted it to Styles.

This fictionalized version of Styles falls ill after drinking from Carly's water bottle, and Carly spares no effort in nursing him back to health. However, after a week Carly's friends become suspicious, and they help trick Styles into admitting that he is faking. To repay them, One Direction performs "What Makes You Beautiful" live on iCarly.

As for the others, Trainor admitted that there was one romantic subplot for his character Spencer that rang true in real life too. He said: "I liked the girl from the tuxedo. She was beautiful, and I was just like 'ahh,' and I couldn't talk to her in real life. But in no world would she ever—" but here, Kress cut off Trainor's self-deprecation to reassure him: "No, she was feeling it."

Trainor was referring to actress Valerie Azlynn, who appeared in two episodes — "iMake Sam Girlier" and "iEnrage Gibby." She played a grocery store employee who once gave Spencer the time of day while he was wearing a tuxedo, leading him to superstitiously believe she would only like him while he was wearing it. When he took those antics too far, he scared her off. In the latter episode, he blew his second chance with her by faking his own death to make money.


These kinds of schemes will be back in full force on Thursday when the iCarly revival premieres. The new series will be streaming on Paramount+, and new users can get a free trial for the service here. Previous seasons are streaming there now, and the reunion special is streaming for free on YouTube.

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