'iCarly': Miranda Cosgrove Reenacts 'Drake & Josh' Meme in New Opening

As the June 17 release date of the iCarly reboot approaches, fans of the classic Nickelodeon series are reaching new highs of nostalgia and anticipation, and the latest tease for the series showed a fun awareness of the show's meme influence. Paramount+ released the opening title sequence for the series, and fans quickly noted that star Miranda Cosgrove recreated her extremely popular "Interesting" meme from her series Drake & Josh in one frame.

Fans loved the hilarious callback, taking it as a sign that the show was going to be ironically self-aware. "The iCarly reboot opening just dropped & OMG I'M ON BOARD WITH THIS NOW. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING LMAO," tweeted one fan in response to the hilarious reveal. "Icarly did it. The absolute legends lmao," wrote another Twitter user.

"NOT THE ICARLY REBOOT REMAKING THE INTERESTING MEGAN MEME FROM DRAKE AND JOSH IM IN TEARS?????" tweeted another incredulous but enthusiastic fan. "Oh my god, the new iCarly opening is out and - WAIT A MINUTE," tweeted another viewer.

Original cast members Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress are all returning for the reboot, but former cast member Jenette McCurdy would not be reprising her role as Sam since she quit acting in 2013. "We talk a lot about the Sam character and where she is in the pilot episode," Cosgrove explained to Entertainment Tonight. "And Carly very much still loves Sam and always will. And we all really wanted Jennette to be a part of the show in real life. But she's just doing other things and we're really happy for her. But yeah, we're definitely going to touch on that in the show."


Trainor added that Sam's absence "will be addressed," but it isn't a major plot point "because we just want to respect Jennette's wishes." He continued that McCurdy is "doing great in her own world" since moving on from acting and everyone is "super proud of her," but that her decision not to return opens up the show to adding new characters and storylines, including Laci Mosley as Carly's best friend Harper and Jaidyn Triplett as Freddie's stepdaughter Millicent. The iCarly reboot will hit Paramount+ on June 17, so be sure to subscribe to the streamer so you don't miss a single episode. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.

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