'Cobra Kai': Martin Kove's 'Dancing With the Stars' Debut Has Fans Worried for His Chances

Martin Kove made his Dancing with the Stars debut this week and ended up having the lowest score of the 15 dancing couples. It's not a big surprise since Kove is the oldest celebrity dancer on the show (75 years old), but fans are still worried about the chances of the Cobra Kai star moving on after the first elimination. 

One person on Twitter wrote: "Poor Martin Kove. Give him a break...the man is 75." Kove is paired with dancing pro Britt Stewart, which led to fans showing support for her. Another fan wrote: "I hate that everyone has so much potential, and then there's Martin. My heart aches for Britt.

Kove did a Cobra Kai skit during his dance routine. But what prevented him from getting a high score his he didn't do enough dancing moves as he and Steward performed the Paso Doble. While watching the dance, another fan knew Kove was going to get a low score. "Oh man, poor Martin Kove is about to get skewered by Len," the fan wrote. "It was quite an entertaining performance, but the technique was not there.

If Kove is eliminated next week, it wouldn't be the worst thing as he will get ready to promote Season 4 of Cobra Kai. Kove, who plays the main antagonist John Kreese in The Karate Kid sequel series, joined the cast at the end of Season 1. He manipulated his way to running the Cobra Kai dojo again and his kids are getting ready to compete in the All Valley Karate Tournament. 

"Karate Kid is a gift that keeps giving, and everybody loves it," Kove said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last year. "To me, the star of Karate Kid, the original movie, was Robert Mark Kamen, the writer. Because how many other movies can boast five or six iconic lines, lines like: "Sweep the leg." "No mercy." "Mercy is for the weak." All that [from one movie]. "Wax on, wax off."  There's four or five right there. These are the classics that stay alive."


Season 4 of Cobra Kai will premiere on Netflix in December. It comes nearly one year after the third season of the series was released. The first two seasons of Cobra Kai streamed exclusively on YouTube Premium before leaving the platform for Netflix last year.