WWE Star Aleister Black Reveals Release Came out of 'Complete Left Field'

Aleister Black was one of the six Superstars released by WWE and was surprised by the move. The 36-year-old professional wrestler went to Twitter to react to the news and revealed the release came out of "left field." However, Black is thankful for the opportunity he received from WWE.

Black wrote on Twitter: "Im gathering my thoughts as this was a complete left field for me as obviously we just started the dark father character but this was it, thank you so much WWE universe for allowing me to create and give you small bits of myself." A number of fans showed their support for Black who was well-liked during his time in WWE.

"Brother, this is an amazing thing," one person wrote. "You clearly weren't valued after NXT. It is THEIR LOSS. You embodied change and a direction we all hoped the company would go in but they foolishly didn't see it. You have fans for life here. Where you go, we'll follow." Another fan thinks Black should head to AEW.

"If there is one person [AEW president Tony Khan] needs to hire as soon as possible, it's you," another fan added. "Immense talent. Complete package. Worthy of the heavyweight gold. I suspect you will have calls from ALL the wrestling companies..."

Black had a strong career in WWE. Despite not winning a title on Raw or SmackDown, Black is a former NXT Champion, he won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with Ricochet in 2019 and won three NXT Year-End Awards.


"The opportunities presented on Raw and SmackDown are this great chessboard," Black said in an interview with Sports Illustrated last year. "Aleister Black, he feels that he has never had the opportunity to do what he needs to do. If he doesn't get those opportunities, he's going to burn the whole chessboard. If that means he's sent to purgatory, that's fine, because he's been in purgatory. If you want to take it one step further and send him to hell, that's fine, too. He's accustomed to hell, his whole childhood was spent there." Black was released as he returned to TV a couple of weeks ago. After doing a number of vignettes, Black appeared on SmackDown on May 21 and attacked Big E, leading fans to believe the two would feud this summer.