WWE: Ric Flair Pushes Back Against Daughter Charlotte's Critics

Ric Flair is tired of all the Charlotte Flair haters. The 16-time world champion was recently on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast and talked about his daughter, who is currently off WWE TV to have surgery. Ric Flair believes Charlotte will be back for SummerSlam in August but also got angry with fans who take shots at her.

"I know she's the biggest star, but she's the best wrestler too!" Ric Flair said via Cageside Seats. "You know what I mean? I swear to God, it makes me so damn mad. These people say, 'Oh, you're holding back…' Okay. Well, you know what? The only way to find out who we're holding back as turn it over to them. I'll give you the list of names they keep running by me that the media keeps bringing up – give it to them. Let's see them stick a moonsault every night. Let's see them do a corkscrew moonsault off the top rope onto five people. Give them a great match – not a good match – every time out."

Charlotte Flair is close to reaching her father's championship mark. In her WWE career, Charlotte has won the Divas Championship, the NXT Women's Championship twice, the Raw Women's Championship four times, and the SmackDown Women's Championship five times. Charlotte decided to have surgery, but she's not injured. Ric said she's working on some other projects but expects her to return soon.

"I know she has a TV series looking at her and she's got fitness people wanting to do work with her," he said. "I hope that she takes as long as she wants off so that all these people that can fill her shoes and do that every night have the opportunity and God bless that thought."

With Charlotte out of action for an extended period, WWE is down their two top female Superstars. In May, Becky Lynch announced she's pregnant and was forced to relinquish the Raw Women's Championship. This means competitors such as Bayley, Sahsa Banks, Alexa Bliss and Asuka will anchor the women's division for both Raw and SmackDown until Charlotte and Lynch return. Then again, with WWE getting hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, it's possible Flair could wait a little longer to make her WWE return.