'WWE Raw' Tonight: Will Any Major Superstars Return?

WrestleMania 37 has come and gone, which means WWE fans are looking forward to Monday Night Raw. [...]

WrestleMania 37 has come and gone, which means WWE fans are looking forward to Monday Night Raw. The Raw after WrestleMania is always a big show as it starts new storylines but also features surprise returns of WWE Superstars who have been gone for a long period of time. Last year, fans got to see Nia Jax return to action after being nearly out a year due to two knee injuries. That was the same show where we saw current SmackDown women's champion Bianca Belair make her Raw debut. But which Superstars could return tonight on USA Network?

The first that comes to mind is Becky Lynch, who left in May of last year to have a baby, who was born this past December. One WWE official said that Lynch is returning soon, but with her fiancé, Seth Rollins on SmackDown, it's possible she could return on Friday as a member of the blue brand. When Lynch left WWE, she had to relinquish to Raw Women's Championship to Asuka, who won the Money in the Bank Ladder match. It's possible if she returns tonight, she will go after Rhea Ripley, who won the title at WrestleMania on Sunday.

Another woman who could return is Ronda Rousey, who has been off WWE TV since 2019. Rousey made a huge impact during her short time in WWE, winning the Raw Women's Championship in 2018 and holding on to the title for 231 days. The same WWE official who said Lynch is coming back said the same for Rousey, who has been seen training with fellow wrestlers. Additionally, Paul Heyman teased last fall that Rousey signed a contract extension with the company.

WWE fans want Samoa Joe to return, and that could happen tonight. Earlier today, WWE announced that the former United States Champion has been taken off the Raw broadcast team but is still part of the talent roster. The 42-year old is a fan favorite and had major success in various promotions before joining WWE.

Charlotte Flair has been out of action for a while due to COVID-19 and being medically suspended. She was backstage for a recent Raw event, which means she could be the one to challenge Ripley for the title, which makes sense considering Flair beat Ripley at WrestleMania 36 last year for the NXT Women's Championship.

And what about Brock Lesnar? WWE fans have been asking for Lensar vs. current WWE Champion Bobby Lashey for years. Lesnar's last appearance on WWE TV was last year when he lost the WWE title to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36.