Paul Heyman Teases Ronda Rousey Signing Contract Extension With WWE

Ronda Rousey's WWE career might not be dead despite reports of her contract being on the verge of expiring. WWE personality Paul Heyman spoke to the New York Post about the former Raw Women's Champion and hinted at Rousey secretly signing an extension with the company. It was reported her original WWE contract was set to end on April 10, 2021.

"That's another funny thing about people who don’t discuss their business in public forums," Everyone presumes that Ronda Rousey's contract expires at a certain time. I don't understand why people don’t realize that perhaps, just perhaps, Ronda Rousey's contract has been extended or she has worked out a new deal and it would not benefit either WWE or Ronda Rousey to go public with that information." Rousey hasn't been on WWE TV since she lost the title to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35 last year. Rousey never stated she was done with WWE, but when left in 2019 she did not indicate when she'll return.

Hayman also noted that Rousey will elevate the women's division if she decides to return to WWE. "Ronda Rousey is a trailblazer, and I would suggest the next time you see Ronda Rousey, she will be making history in whatever she does," Heyman said. "And if she does it with WWE, it will be something that will elevate the manner in which women’s wrestling is performed and presented because Ronda will never be the status quo."

In April, Rousey talked about her future in WWE and took some heat for her comments. "I love the WWE. I had such a great time. I love all the girls in the locker room," she said on the Wild Ride! with Steve-O podcast. "Running out there and having fake fights for fun is just the best thing. I love choreography. I love acting. I love theatre. Live theater and some of the last forms of live theatre. But, I was doing basically part-time and I was away from home 200 days out of the year. And when I did get home, I was so sleep deprived cause you just don’t have time to lay down." The "fake fights" comment rubbed some wrestlers the wrong way, including Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss who had a message for Rousey.

"Yes, the finish is scripted, we say that; it's protagonist, antagonist and conflict resolution. It's a story we're telling," Bliss aid to CBS Sports. "My whole thing is ... if she comes back to WWE? Great. We would all love to work with her again, I'm sure. Just limit the use of the 'F-word.'"