Undertaker Ruffles Animal Lovers' Feathers With Turkey Hunt Photos

The Undertaker, whose real name is Mark Calaway, retired from professional wrestling and WWE after defeating AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. He has spent his time pursuing a number of hobbies, including stocking his freezer. He recently went on a turkey hunt and upset people on social media.

Calaway posted multiple photos on Instagram that showed the aftermath of the hunt. He showed two turkeys as they walked through the woods. Calaway also showed him and a companion holding up a dead turkey. These photos sparked a wide variety of comments on social media, including many from animal lovers who criticized the former professional wrestler for hunting. These Instagram users continued to express this opinion while arguing with pro-hunters.

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"Killing animals for entertainment!? No fun for me," one person commented. Another weighed in and said, "Killing some innocent bird/ animal doesn't make you brave." The comments continued as both critics and hunters alike took part in the debate. Several said that Calaway would cook the turkeys once he went home from the hunting trip.

The professional wrestler is not the first athlete to create debates on social media with photos and videos of hunting trips. Eight-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning Jr. regularly does so on his own Instagram profile. He makes posts about his own hunting trips to stock the freezer and warns the commenters that they "know what's coming" if they click play on his videos. However, the message does not stop the wave of criticism, especially the comments about "hunting for entertainment."

Similarly, former motocross star Carey Hart has engaged in several debates with people on social media. However, his arguments mostly focus on gun control and whether his children should learn how to shoot rifles. Hart explained that he is a believer in teaching his children to both shoot and handle firearms. Many of these arguments have revolved around both the previous election and whether people should own firearms.


This post about hunting turkeys is not the first time that Calaway has sparked fiery debates on social media. He previously did so while wearing a t-shirt with the state of Texas and a thin blue line American flag. The sight of the merchandise created arguments about Calaway and his support of law enforcement. Many proclaimed that his shirt stood in stark contrast to WWE's messages about inclusivity in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests.