Pink's Husband Carey Hart Defends Political Views After Taking Their Kids Shooting

Former motocross star Carey Hart drew attention on social media recently with a post about his [...]

Former motocross star Carey Hart drew attention on social media recently with a post about his children. He showed them holding .22 rifles and explained that he is a believer in teaching his children to both shoot and handle firearms. Hart's post prompted political comments and forced him to respond to those saying that a vote for Joe Biden would "take away" his guns.

"It's badass you are teaching your kids. Which is why I'm so confused you would support the democrats who have stated they will take our guns Unless only the rich will be allowed the privilage. Let that sink in as to why people will vote Trump," one person commented on Twitter. Hart responded by explaining his decision to support the Biden-Harris ticket. "1st they don't want to take your guns, and why has none of the 44 before been able to take them?? Second I'm a republican who hates Trump, so I have no choice," Hart tweeted.

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Another person jumped into the conversation after seeing Luck's response and told him to review Biden's plan to end gun violence. This Twitter user said that they would always vote against a "forced buyback program" or having to pay $200 per gun or magazine to keep them in their possession. The Twitter user said that they don't have that "Carey Hart money" to afford the fees.

Hart has previously sparked conversations with photos and videos of him teaching his two children to shoot. He did so early in quarantine with two videos on his Instagram profile that showed Willow Sage and Jameson Moon at a homemade gun range. Willow was sighting in on a target with a rifle and taking some shots. Meanwhile, Hart was teaching Jameson how to properly hold the rifle. He helped hold the rifle while guiding Jameson's finger to the trigger in order to make the shot.

The former motocross star explained at the time that his children were enjoying their time in "full metal quarantine" while learning how to properly handle .22 caliber rifles. However, some people expressed opposition to the videos and criticizing Hart's parenting style. Although many others also showed support and said that the children need to learn gun safety at an early age.

Months later, the discussions no longer revolve around whether Hart should teach his children to handle guns. Instead, the people on Twitter are making critical comments about the upcoming election. Some users on social media support Hart voting for Biden while others are upset about his decision.